About Zinwell Australia

Zinwell Australia (Zinwell Corporation) was formed in association with TransNational Communications to support the roll out of the first Australian CATV HFC Telstra Broadband System in 1994 with provision of Home Drop Equipment and subsequently then equipment for the introduction of Telecom New Zealand CATV HFC Service.

Zinwell Australia has continued to provide equipment for the Telstra and now NBN HFC Service including available DOCSIS 3.1 specification Home Service requirements. Zinwell Australia is a pioneer in the design and introduction of DVB-T receivers in 2001 for Australian Digital TV introduction and again central to the design of New Zealand’s world first commercial MPEG4 service including DVB-T receiver’s.

Under contract to TVNZ New Zealand, Zinwell Australia developed mobile Digital TV receiver equipment for marine vessels covering the Americas Cup Yacht Race. Designed were world first ‘twin tuner diversity’ receivers to achieve glitch free TV reception. The diversity receivers becoming widely adopted for both marine and motor vehicle use in Australia, New Zealand ,UK and Italy.

In addressing TVNZ requirements for a New Zealand National Satellite Service , Zinwell developed and implemented a ‘world first’ Satellite transmission/reception and control system permitting the downloading of independent ‘regional’ programming into 7 regional areas of New Zealand .


Zinwell Australia focuses on product specification development and design, servicing Communication & data Technology markets in Australia and New Zealand with design of high quality, reliable, superior performance equipments.

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